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Electronic Arts has just as before confirmed that this year’s FIFA outing is going to be powered by the firm’s Frostbite engine and revealed the first look at the upcoming game. While there is undoubtedly Fifa 16 Coins for Sale is shopping visually impressive, there’s a greater challenge ahead to the development team.

By dropping the Ignite engine,EA Canada potentially will lose many – though perhaps its not all – of the intricacies and techniques which are geared specifically towards the gameplay of FIFA. Features such as crowd reactions along with the ‘True Player Motion’ animations touted to be a key selling points for the past few FIFA games. Some of these are actually built into Frostbite during the last few years, but the point stands: Ignite was built about the FIFA titles, making it far more specialised and fitted to the team’s purposes.

Frostbite, meanwhile, was developed around first-person first person shooters – namely the Battlefield collection. It has since been utilized in multiple other first-person first person shooters, or at least first-person post titles, including Star Wars Battlefront along with Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

Transferring development techniques in addition to technical features between these kind of franchises is far much easier. Even third-person action games could also benefit from an engine optimised for first-person since the gameplay and mechanics are generally largely similar – it’s merely the perspective that’s changed. Again, Frostbite has proven itself here while using Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare titles.

That’s not to say the engine can’t be used to other genres. BioWare has already experimented with this in Dragon Get older: Inquisition. The studio dropped its Eclipse tech for the first two Monster Age games and chose Frosbite with the third outing – something which certainly made Inquisition the most visually impressive game within the trilogy.

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Crucially, BioWare’s technical director Jacques Lebrun said that – as opposed to internet speculation – this was not a decision forced upon the studio through parent EA.

“There was no corporate mandate, ” he wrote on the Frostbite blog. “This was decided unanimously in this studio. ”

However, some disgruntled fans blame Frostbite for their disappointment with the activity, perceiving the tech to be unsuitable for a central RPG.


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