The Ignite engine properties Fifa 17 from site

The Ignite engine properties EAs sports games. Its a proprietary variety of technologies aimed at producing virtual presentations of game get closer to actual intercourse, most notably with stellar ends in the long-running football game series, FIFA. However this might adjust with FIFA 17.

According to GameInformer, citing multiple sources inside company, EA is looking to be able to shift from Ignite for the Frostbite engine, which has been developed by Battlefield studio Dice. Aside from the Battlefield collection, Frostbite powers a large chunk of EAs game titles. Most notable of including Need for Speed, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mirrors Edge, and Star Wars Battlefront to call a few. Furthermore, it wont just possibly be Fifa 17 Coins making the go on to Frostbite. In the future, other sports franchises similar to Madden NFL, NHL, and NBA Live can transition to Frostbite.


FIFA 17 isnt the first EA Sports game to utilize Frostbite tech; 2015s Rory McIlroy PGA Tour was built around the platform as well through EA Tiburon, the post on GameInformer scans. During its press blitz intended for PGA Tour, EA touted the engines prowess in creating outdoor environments and cutting insert times between holes. The transition should also be aided by the fact that DICE by now integrated the ANT animation system element of the Ignite engine into Frostbite during the development of Battlefield 3.

Considering how good games like Dependence on Speed and Star Conflicts Battlefront looked, especially on a highly effective enough PC, it could spell the final of shoddy PC versions from the worlds most popular sports game. However it remains to find out if FIFA 17 loses features in the move to Frostbite, what with development cycles for that series being extremely small and time sensitive.

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