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“I bethink cogent him: ‘I can’t say if we’ll win anything, but I do apperceive we’re traveling to accept a acceptable time’.” Diego Godin laughed as he recalled the aboriginal time he batten to Antoine Griezmann, a amateur who has aback become one of his abutting accompany in the game.

That chat came in the summer of 2014, if the Frenchman was rumoured to be on the point of abutting Atletico Madrid. One of the leaders of the Fifa 17 Coins with Account Colchonero bathrobe room, Godin fabricated a point of accepting the aboriginal to acceptable him. “We had alternate accompany and I knew he was advancing so I absitively to accord him a call,” the Uruguayan told “I’d been told he was a fun accepting to be with and that he bare to feel acceptable and capital by humans to accomplish able-bodied on the pitch.”

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Godin took that endure allotment actual actively indeed. No eventually did the striker accomplish the move to Atleti than the Uruguayan centre-half became his adviser and mentor. Griezmann’s affection for yerba acquaintance infusions, which he had developed during his time at Real Sociedad, and added about charrúa traditions did the rest. “I’ve consistently said that Antoine loves acquaintance added than abounding Uruguayans,” Godin said, smiling. “He’s one of us. He’s just starting out with the barbecues. He’s done a brace already and he’s gradually acrimonious up the techniques and the tricks of the trade. He’s got a ability for it and he brand it, and it won’t be continued afore he’s just as acceptable as anyone who knows how to adapt mate.”

The axial apostle is acutely appreciative of the abilities his acquaintance has accomplished both on and off the pitch. Accepting faced Griezmann on several occasions during the Frenchman’s canicule at Real and accepting aback grappled with him on the training ground, Godin is bigger placed than anyone to altercate his development at Atleti. “He showed the odd beam of accuracy at Real Sociedad and he bent the eye then. He’s kept that up at Atletico Madrid and he’s been a matchwinner for the aggregation in a lot of of the amateur he’s played. He’s been in a allotment of the goals a lot added too, which is what makes strikers what they are.”

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