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The apple football administering physique is placed to authorize addition suitable African baronial advanced in the Apple Cup draw fixed for 24 June later on accepting complaints, according to a correspondence beatific from FIFA 16/17 coins on the affiliate associations.

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“Following some complaints accustomed with commendations to the aberration of the FIFA rankings in the ages of June, and with the purpose of transparency, it was absitively to advance with establishing any appropriate FIFA ranking… on 21 June 2016, ” apprehend the page active by FIFA Deputy Secretary-General Marco Villiger.

A appropriate baronial may appropriately be accustomed on 21 June 2016 in adjustment to produce the able teams in to the altered pots accordingly.

FIFA Coins on 8 July a appropriate African baronial in which sparked controversy, abnormally in Egypt.

Coming seventh in Cameras, the Pharaohs were not an integral part of the five-top teams which will be in pot 1 inside the Apple Cup draw.

The Egyptian Football Connection filed a complaint towards the apple administering physique to be able to analysis their calculations.

“Egypt’s position in May, June and even July yearly baronial should be this fifth [continentally]… why was Egypt placed seventh? ” asked the EFA inside their complaint, which was appear on Thursday on the official website.

The 20 African international locations that fabricated it to the final condoning appearance will be fatigued into 5 groups with four teams throughout anniversary group, with the accumulation invariably winners accepting a abode in the 2018 Russia finals.

Egypt accept not accomplished football’s world’s lots of celebrated showpiece back authoritative the endure of the two appearances in 1990.


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