The 5 Favorite Ways To Teach Magic In Old School Runescape

Magic is one of the most important and flexible skills in Runescape as well as having high stats within magic can help in basically anything. extremely recommends that you pursue penetration of00 in Magic considering that this proves extremely helpful whenever trying to make Old School Runescape Gold. In my personal viewpoint, if you want to get Fast OSRS Gold then levelling upward magic is the best way to go here are the top 5 methods to train magic in Old-school Runescape.

Air Strike Mean Spam

The easiest and easiest way to level of your miracle is by spamming the same mean over and over again. Naturally, the experience gained by using a spell differs for each spell but when getting started the best spell to raise miracle in Runescape is to toss Air Strike which gives a person around 5 – six xp on each successful toss or more depending on the level of air flow strike magic you’re utilizing. You will need the runes for your spells you want to use together with a Staff of Air.

Eliminate Giants

It’s obvious which taking out monsters will get a person exp and raise miracle stats but what if we alerted you could do that without having to really worry about taking any harm. Head to west Varrock as well as head to the shack known as Edgeville Dungeon. You’ll need a metal key to enter it which you can comes from the great exchange. Once you reach the lowest levels you’ll find slope giants and a lot of bones. Just hide behind the bone fragments and start attacking the new york giants with most powerful magic periods you got and watch as they helplessly wriggle around without being in a position to harm you.

Kill Glaciers Warriors

If you want better falls and enjoy yourself while levelling up then heading to the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon is exactly what you should do. The Asgarnian Ice Dungeon is the home involving Ice Warriors which are remarkably weak towards fire along with wind based spells. Have a fire staff and start sending your line Fire Bolt on just about any enemy you see most adversaries will die pretty quick without taking any efforts and leave you some great loot.

Enchant Rings

Enchanting jewelry is a great way to make Old-school Runescape Gold since all these sell for a pretty expensive cost. By enchanting emerald jewelry into rings of Duelling you can easily make a lot of experience and you don’t have to put in very much effort. These sell for the pretty high price as well and that means you get gold and bring up your magic exp concurrently.

High Alchemy Fast OSRS Gold

If you followed the methods then you should definitely always be higher than level 55 at this point which means you now have access to excessive alchemy. Using high conversion is the best way to make Rs 2007 Gold . For harmless OSRS Gold you can switch any items you have in the inventory into gold which often also gets you 68 ex points. The best option is usually to purchase ruins and employ high alchemy to turn these people into Old School Runescape Platinum. Keep repeating the process up to you want until you reach a straight you’re satisfied with.


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