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Sports EA has released a new section of the latest Fifa Coins for sale. The latest skills show us how to make full use of the space available on the pitch to introduce the ball into the opponent’s goal and the new system in the game. The way the football is played depends on the position of the players and the way of the foot. FIFA player Reus Marco, he comes from the German football club Borussia-Dortmund.

And before the release of the theme for the attack of the FIFA 17 content similar, this time also shows the players to play the players gallop stadium, a variety of ways to break the goal. A variety of techniques you can use to make players frequently beat goalkeeper a surprise: control the height of the football below or above the goalkeeper expected, or from an unexpected angle will the ball into the goal.

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FIFA 17 in Intelligence System Active”. This system makes this new work has a new positioning mechanism, which is one of the many new features of FIFA 17 coins. In addition, FIFA 17 will be equipped with frostbite engine and in the version of the game, players can experience to a similar game rare story mode. In the name as “the journey” of the story mode, the player will play a named Alex Hunter stadium nova, he lifted the Barclays Premier League trophy and make unremitting efforts.


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