Seattle Seahawks (86 Aggregation OVR) 5 top-rated players

Seattle Seahawks

Kam Chancellor: 95 OVR

Earl Thomas III: 94 OVR

Jimmy Graham: 93 OVR

Bobby Wagner: 93 OVR

Michael Bennett: 90 OVR

It’s accessible to excel on both breach and aegis and do bigger on both abandon of the acreage than some teams that are one-sided. The Seattle Seahawks, with their 89 Aegis and 85 Offense, fits the bill, even if just one of their top 5 players is on offense(No one know better how to get Madden NFL 18 Mobile Coins in cheap price if you join us right now). To be fair, the aggregation does accept seven players in the 90s overall, with seven abhorrent players sitting at 80 OVR or above.

Still, accepting a amount top 5 accumulation of players in the 90s is a astounding activity for a football team. One affair that could act like a cord that bound unravels is their active aback situation. Eddie Lacy (82) and Thomas Rawls (83), as a duo, has affluence of catechism marks surrounding them. One such catechism is, “Can Rawls break healthy?” Addition is “Will Lacy get asthmatic abreast the end of ceremony bold the season?”


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