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The Blues accomplished the Champions Alliance semi-finals in their beginning advance with a 2-0 accumulated accomplishment over Fortuna Hjorring.

Cushing’s ancillary face Lyon in the endure four and admitting his team’s inexperience, the Safe Fifa 17 Coins administrator is aflame by the challenge.

“This aggregation is attainable for it,” he stated. “We charge it.

“We were best endure division – we won the alliance and the Continental Tyres Cup. Now, we charge to see breadth the aggregation is at mentally and breadth their bold is at.

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“Lyon are the best and they accept the bays at the moment.”

Reflecting on the 1-0 celebration over Fortuna at the Academy Stadium, Cushing admitted: “We’ve played bigger and controlled amateur better.

“We kept a apple-pie breadth and denticulate accession goal, and completed our aim of accepting to the semi-final.

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“Although we weren’t as acceptable as we could be, I acquainted we were in control. They bent us out a few times but I’m agreeable with the performance.

“Every accomplishment we put on the angle is a new experience. Every amateur played their part.”

Cushing added his ancillary will account from their antecedent – admitting few – European experiences.

City defeated Zvezda Perm and Brondby afore adverse Fortuna and are best in the Champions League.

“Reaching the semi-finals is an astonishing accomplishment for us,” Cushing continued. “There is no burden on us in the semis.

“We’ll get on the training pitch, do what we do, ensure we’re solid defensively and adore both games. We anticipate we’re a acceptable abundant aggregation to compete.

“We as a accumulation charge to draw on all of the adventures we have. We haven’t got abounding in the Champions Alliance but we accept players who accept played in big amateur – Olympics, Apple Cups, finals.

“Lyon can play two teams of world-class internationals but we accept in the way we play and we accept in our quality. We’ve been best now for 21 months so we can draw on those acceptable performances and try and play like that adjoin Lyon.

“We should adore pitting ourselves up adjoin Europe’s best team.”


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