Runescape membership prices are rising due to Brexit

Old School Runescape is getting more expensive soon – if you’re not already investing in it, that is. Prices for all completely new subscriptions and bond purchases increases later this year, and developers Jagex say this is a result of rising development costs in addition to operating fees, brought on at least partially by “economic factors like Brexit. ”

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The new prices enter into effect on June several. Existing subscribers will keep pay whatever their current rate is, but new players – and those who’ve let their subscriptions lapse a lot more than 14 days – will probably be subject to new Runescape membership prices. Here’s what to anticipate.

1 Month – $10. 99 / £6. 99 / €9. 49
3 Month – $29. 99 / £18. 99 / €25. 99
6 Month – $54. 99 / £34. 99 / €47. 99
12 Month – $99. 99 / £62. 99 / €88. 99
Bonds, which can be redeemed for membership time, will also increase in price for a passing fancy date, going up to this costs. Costs on the in-game gold market will probably increase (they’ve been trending upward for the past month), but that will naturally be based on the player-driven economy.

1 Bond – $6. 99 / £3. 99 / €5. 69
3 Bonds – $20. 99 / £11. 99 / €17. 09
5 Bonds – $34. 99 / £19. 99 / €28. 49
10 Bonds – $69. 99 / £39. 99 / €56. 99
In an FAQ explaining the reasons behind the change, Jagex say “we are continuing to invest in RuneScape, and the price increase is one portion of assuring RuneScape’s future for several years to come. Additionally, economic factors such seeing that Brexit and fluctuations from the value of currencies meant that individuals needed to review the pricing structure for the games. ”

Jagex also say these people “are confident that 2018 could be the the best year however for Old School. ” On the game’s official subreddit, community manager Shauny acknowledges the “blip we had in 2017” with lackluster updates as a result of reset in the growth cycle, but adds that “in the final two months I think we’ve given the top value for membership dependant on our releases and we’ll continue to accomplish this. ”.
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