Runescape Announcement For September 2017

You know here at the best place to Buy Rs Gold and Old School Runescape gold , but we also like the game ourselves and that is why currently we are talking about what the those of you at Jagex have said they get planned for the month connected with September.

Of course , the big announcement is Runefest which is going down on the 23rd of Sept.. This is clearly where a great deal of Jagex’s focus is going to be inside coming weeks, but they are even now working on making Runescape seeing that awesome an experience as possible normally all.

To start with they are adjusting the way they handle the polls. They are going to start with a write-up on the forum where you fans can have a discussion concerning this, then a dev blog and the poll will go dwell. Not many developers would go to those lengths to get the fans feedback on a game so it is nice to see. Of course , it will show that it will take longer for a survey to take shape and to find the results from, but good this is the right step to use.

The other bit of news is are going to rework Mining in addition to Smithing. There was talk of travelling rid of this skill in addition to starting it from scratch, but rather, they are going to fine tune it in addition to from what we can see. As if it is going to be good for those who take advantage of this skill a great deal.

With Runefest getting closer and more detailed that was all they had normally. But to be fair, we can easily only imagine what a big undertaking Runefest is and now we are just happy to see that many people still have one eye for the game as well.

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