One machine running FIFA 17 Points –

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Digital Foundry plays FIFA 17 Points simultaneously – with all the same controller. FIFA 17 moves to the Frostbite engine this yr, the same tech as affecting Battlefield One and this upcoming Mass Effect. It’s a departure from the Ignite engine used involving Fifa Coins - introduced to demonstrate off the capabilities of PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360 One – and permits a big improvement within the series’ lighting and atmospheric side effects. We pit the two engines against 1 another here to see exact extent of the change, and if this is the series visual overhaul we have been waiting for.

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The setup is not difficult. We use one gamepad to manage two games simultaneously inside real-time: one machine running FIFA 17 Points with Ignite, and on the other it is the FIFA 17 demo using Frostbite. Of course we can expect tweaks between this demo and the final version, but as a sign from the improvements this engine provides, our ‘dual-wield’ control method shines a light on the areas given the almost all work.

However, the fact the Legit Fifa 17 Coins primary gameplay, camera, menu systems and animation are matched so closely while using the same input is clear an indicator there’s still a lot in keeping between the two video game titles. Despite the engine swap, it’s amazing how similar FIFA 17 is always to its predecessor regarding control mechanics – although this thankfully makes an assessment like this possible.

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