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Fiorentina’s Uruguayan midfielder Matias Vecino smiled as he reflected on the journey that has brought him to where he is now.

In his thoughts was the day when a muscle injury forced him to limp off in the first half of a league meeting with (Find best Legit Fifa 17 Coins at Roma at the Estadio Olimpico. The date was 4 March 2016, to be exact, and the midfielder has very good cause to remember it. Having trudged disconsolately to the dressing room, Vecino’s look of concern soon turned to smiles when he took a call on his phone from the Uruguayan national team.

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“It was strange because I knew they were following me and that it was the day when the squad for the World Cup qualifiers against Brazil and Peru were being announced,” the player told “I’d gone out on the pitch without hearing the squad. I felt so happy when I did hear. They rang me to confirm that I was in and they asked me about the injury. We lost 4-1 that day but I felt happy on a personal level. I’d made that all-important step.”

Though not the nostalgic type, Vecino could not help but think back to his formative years, to the first kickabouts he enjoyed in San Jacinto, a place where everyone knew each other. Also in his thoughts was his mother Dolly, who made sure he kept well up with his school work, and the advice of his father Mario, an ex-footballer who was killed in a car crash when Vecino was just 14.

“What hurts the most, aside from him not being around any more, is that he didn’t get to see this. He would have enjoyed it so much,” said the Fiorentina midfielder, who has his father’s signature tattooed on his left hand. On his right is inked the name of his 18-month-old son Genaro, who was brought into the world by Luisina, the player’s first and only love.

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