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For the third time at the Fifa 17 Coins U-20 Women’s World Cup Papua New Guinea 2016, USA fell behind and for the third time they drew level. However, completing the comeback in the semi-final proved a step too far as Korea DPR secured a 2-1 extra-time victory in an at-times physical encounter.

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I think it is a good point.While hopes of a record fourth world title at this level are now over, the Stars and Stripes are surely unsurpassed at Papua New Guinea 2016 for raw determination and sheer willpower. They came from behind to draw with Ghana in the group stage, and did so again to earn a memorable quarter-final victory over Mexico.


It is a view supported by USA goalscorer Natalie Jacobs. “That belief was still there until the last whistle, and no one gave up at any point,” Jacobs told “We definitely showed it in the last game against Mexico, and definitely again in this game.

“We are obviously disappointed but we left everything out there on the field. We continued to put fight like we did in the last game. Each game (in the tournament) showed us something different with what we had to handle. We kept showing that fight in each game.”

Jacobs started the match in defence, but found herself pushed forward for the final minutes in an attempt to gain an equaliser. Equalise she did, and in impressive fashion too. Her hastily-taken cushioned volley exquisitely dipped over the goalkeeper for a much-celebrated equaliser. It seemed a remarkable finish for a defender, and though having come into the tournament ostensibly as a centre-back, Jacobs is in fact used as a striker for college side Notre Dame.

Black Friday is just past. Have all of you owned the new FIFA 17? Undoubtedly FIFA 17 is worth buying in this year’s football video market. When it released in UK, it has broken the record of FIFA 17 and defeated its drastic rival PES 2017. The new frostbite engine and new story mode make the game appealing.

Believe you have ownFifa 17 Coins corner kicks methods to score in the game, and FIFA 17 has a new targeting system.Jacobs’s artistry is not restricted to the football pitch. The 19-year-old plans on majoring in film, television and theatre, and lists painting, drawing and piano among her off-field pursuits. Her mother even won an Emmy as a news reporter.

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