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Watch TV live on TV just isn’t new, stay up late to watch is the basic qualities of the fan, but live on the television game on the sport, it is the first-time.

British BT has announced that it has been eligible for live EA sports for Fifa 17 Coins with Account, the former will transmitted four EA FIFA s17 “Ultimate Team Championship” (Supreme Team Championship Series).

Cheap Fifa 17 Coins Players who play the PS4 and Xbox A single handles will show “the game” in TV. In the game screen and also the game model has completed quite realistic circumstances, the fans sitting in the bar to see others play FIFA may not really seem too strange. If the future BT TV will still live similar to FIFA gaming football, then the British employ a more reason to go to the bar.

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Buy Fifa Coins For Sale at professional site

However, this thing is not just the nature of your British casual people wish to come out. BT Green, Simon Green, who believes that this is an innovation in the live television industry, because gaming football games in the united kingdom is a fast-growing market, and relying on the influence with the British football culture, the gaming football broadcast Do similar to the Premiership industry, it is not extremely hard.

Todd Sitrin, senior vice president and general manager of EA Running Games, also believes that competitive games be able to to become a mainstream industry, and the key to achieving it is through cooperation to broaden its influence. FIFA football game is amongst the most popular games in the uk, which is the competitive game industry to continue to develop factors.

The four FIFA 17 games will be held in North North america, Asia and Europe, the final final are going to be held on May 20 in addition to 21 in Berlin, Germany.

In addition, the winner of the tournament will get a prize of £ 130, 000 (about $ 1. 1 million), and the runner-up will get a reward of £ 65, 000 (about bucks 560, 000).


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