Introduction of Agility throughout RuneScape

Agility is a associates only skill in RuneScape, players can use this expertise to access to secret spots and use shortcuts.

To practice agility skill, you need to finish some obstacle courses. You may obtain some experience after you have finished the obstacle course. When you have a penance horn, you need to use it to double the ability in the courses. Besides, when you complete the lap with out failing obstables, you will get an increased amount of agility experience. You need to use some useful items any time training this skill. Creams and food are good alternatives.


Some potions can raise your agility level and some could restore the run electricity. Food can be used to recover if you fall obstacles. Some tools can be used according to your own demands such as weight reducing garments, auras, silverhawk boots along with regen bracelet. When you buy some new agility, you can use shortcuts to avoid wasting your time.

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