FIFA 17 Ultimate Aggregation Championship Final in Berlin

The best gamers from beyond the Americas will go head-to-head in Miami on Sunday in the third and endure FIFA Ultimate Aggregation Analysis 1 bounded final. The chrism of the crop from Canada, USA, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Brazil will be bottomward on brilliant Florida to vie for six places at May’s FIFA 17 Ultimate Aggregation Championship Final in Berlin.

Just like at the contempo contest in Paris and Sydney, this weekend’s affairs will affection 32 players aggressive beyond the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One divisions. The acreage in the closing class conspicuously includes several accustomed faces who accept shone in the FIFA Interactive Apple Cup in the past. Javier “Cheap Fifa 17 Coins” Munoz followed up a quarter-final assuming at the FIWC 2010 with a runner-up accomplishment a year afterwards in Los Angeles, Rodrigo “D1G0″ Araujo Miranda graced the showpiece in New York endure year, while Giuseppe “xGUASTELLAX” Guastella came fourth in Dubai in 2012.

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This acclaimed leash will be gluttonous to accomplishment their illustrious acquaintance on the apple date in adjustment to bulwark off the claiming of the assorted ascent stars acquisitive to chase in their footsteps and acquire a atom at the FIWC 2017 Grand Final in London. The next footfall appear accomplishing this ambition is to book a admission to Berlin and, because the accepted on affectation during qualifying, a acute activity looks to be on the cards.

You can chase all the activity reside from 10:00 bounded time this Sunday, 19 February.


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