FIFA 14 Server Will Be Bankrupt On October 18

According to EA official news, the football bold FIFA 14 server will be bankrupt in a few months. Although abounding players every year into (visit our official web to learn more about detais in how to get Fifa UT Coins) a new bearing of FIFA games, but there are abounding players still arena the antecedent generation.

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On October 18 this year, FIFA 14 gaming server abutment will conductor in the end, including all online casework such as the ultimate team. Which Xbox One and Xbox 360 adaptation will aswell be affected, no host can escape.

For those who anguish about the achievements of the players allegation to appropriate the time, FIFA 14 may never be 100% success, because this anniversary EA will stop acknowledging some highlights service. If the server is off, you will not be able to accomplish added success.

It is appear that, “FIFA 14″ audience adaptation launched in September 10, 2013, landing Xbox 360, PS3 and PC platform, and the bold clearly appear date: North America on September 24, 2013, Europe for September 27, 2013 day. Xbox One and PS4 amateur in November 2013 next-generation host synchronization sale.

At this year’s E3 conference, EA has appear the “FIFA 18″ bold version. You can pre-order FIFA 18 at the official website and our abundance activity FIFA 18 Bill online.


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