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Tahiti exhausted Poland 8-4 to accomplishment their Accumulation D advance in additional abode at the FIFA Beach Soccer Apple Cup Bahamas 2017.

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Tiki Toa captain Naea Bennett again denticulate a brace in the additional aeon to accord the 2015 runners-up an even bigger cushion.

However, Poland again army a admirable fightback. Tomasz Lenart denticulate his aboriginal Beach Soccer Apple Cup ambition backward in the additional aeon and Konrad Kubiak netted a amends in the third to accord the European champions some hope.

A Tahiti own ambition and a Jakob Jesionowski bang brought the bold to 6-4. However, a backward free-kick from Heiarii Tavanae and a ambition from Raimana Li Fung Kuee meant the Pacific islanders were too able on the day and accomplished accumulation date play on six points.

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