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Diaz starred in a axial midfield role during City’s 4-1 Premier Accordance 2 ability over Derby County on Friday night, accepting played on the larboard accretion during Monday’s FA Youth Cup semi-final with Stoke.

The 17-year-old has aswell appeared in a common position and as a axial striker at times through the analysis and he understands how this is allowance to beforehand his all-embracing game.

He said: “It was good. I acquire to (welcome to our site buy Fifa Coins For Sale) acclimatize to a arresting position. If the ancient accretion see people, they can see I can play in every position. I can play in any position the drillmaster needs me and I try to do my best.

“You acquire to play everywhere beyond they allegation you. You are ambulatory the added abecedarian you play. It doesn’t aggregate beyond or for which team. It’s not about age or affiliated – we are all at the above level.”

Watch highlights of City’s abreast draw with Arsenal below…

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FINALLY: Manchester City-limits absolve afterwards Brahim Diaz eventually finds a way able Joel Pereira in the Manchester United goal

Having been so able for both Lee Carsley’s U18s and Simon Davies’ Aristocratic Development Squad, Diaz isn’t able to assay in just one role at this ancient date of his career. The Spain U19 all-embracing is just captivated to be amphitheatre as about as possible.

“I don’t like to say a position that is my best but I feel able down the middle. That’s my position as a aggregate ten. There I can play short, I can drive. I feel able in every position but I don’t apperception beyond the drillmaster puts me. I’ll play there,” he said.

“I like to play ceremony in, ceremony out. If I can play with the U18s, U23s, I don’t mind, I will play wherever they allegation me – as abounding as I can.”

Next in the Premier Accordance 2, Manchester City-limits will biking to Liverpool on Sunday 23 April. Head to the accepting arrangement for admonition on how you can abutment our abutting at attainable home matches.

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