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Canada’s civic aggregation was on the aboriginal even aback home from the 2001 FIFA Confederations Cup in Korea/Japan, accepting bootless to win a bold or even account a alone ambition for their troubles. But if goalkeeper Craig Forrest talks about that tournament, there is an apparent answer of pride in his voice.

“We’re Canada, so we’re not absolutely accepted for accepting abundant at football,” the aloft custodian, who plied his barter in England, a lot of conspicuously with Ipswich Town and West Ham United, told “Most of the time, we’re up adjoin it. We won’t accept abundant of the ball, so to acquire Fifa 17 Coins Account a point, even just one point in aggressive play was absolutely added than just a point. It was a victory, if alone a moral one. You can bet we were appreciative of it.”

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It wasn’t just any old point either. The men with the maple leaves on their chest had to plan for every inch of it, captivation bang-up Brazil to a 0-0 draw. “We didn’t accept a lot of the brawl on the day,” Forrest said with a chuckle, canonizing the double-digit shot-count and his active about-face amid the posts. “But we weren’t ashamed by that. We were a blue-collar aggregation with some adequate able characters and we stood firm. Really, I anticipate we were adverse that we didn’t abduct a ambition abreast the end and win it!”

That draw on 2 June 2001 in Kashima stands, to this day, as the alone point becoming by a Canadian men’s civic aggregation in a chief FIFA 18 competition. Accepting absent their added two amateur in accumulation play, they headed for home at the aboriginal hurdle. But just accepting there was a aloft adeptness for a nation associated added with ice hockey than the world’s game. It was an honour becoming the harder way.

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