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Lawrence paid close attention to his chain-smoking boss back in those glory days, the colourful Dutchman who masterminded T&T’s qualifying campaign. “In my eyes, Leo Beenhakker has no equal when it comes to influence on a football team,” Lawrence said. “The way he conducted himself, his discipline, and the way he managed the men was incredible.”

Beenhakker was the first person Lawrence called after being offered the national team post. “He just told me ‘you’re ready, so go and do it.’”

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The Legit Fifa 17 Coins from site

What Lawrence wants most is to see his country united under one banner again, the way they were on the tarmac at Piarco International Airport in late 2005. He just can’t shake that feeling. “I know what it is to represent this nation as a Legit Fifa 17 Coins player. I know the culture,” said Lawrence, who refuses to call the next game, at home against Panama, a must-win. “I know how to give and get respect.”

And just like he saw it on one sunny day at the airport, Lawrence wants that elusive yin and yang again. He wants the players out on the pitch and the fans up in the stands to be as one. “I don’t just want the boys to go out and perform for the sake of it,” he said, his intentions crystal clear. “We’re not England or Brazil, but our fans have a special way of loving the game. They want success and I want to give it to them again.”

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