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Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong met in Paris about the 1st FIFA President Infante Tarantino stated that China is Fifa Coins for sale vigorously promote the actual reform of soccer, FIFA hopes to manual and assist the reform and development of Oriental football.

Liu Yandong said that football passion to its unique charm and beloved the Chinese people, the Chinese government attaches great importance towards the important role of football in the construction of sports power. In recent years, China has been the actual development of football, but the overall level weighed against soccer powerhouse gap remains to be quite large.

China is vigorously marketing football reform, deepen the reform of institutional mechanisms to induce the vitality and electric power of football development, vigorously develop the campus sports, football industry. Based on China’s national conditions and China will study from international experience combined, out of a new road with Chinese qualities, reform and development of football.

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FIFA hopes for the reform and development connected with Chinese football, to provide guidance and assistance, the Chinese Football Organization will actively support the effort of FIFA, the world is willing to promote the development associated with football and make due contributions.

Infante Tarantino said that football is not only a sport, but also a cultural phenomenon, a country, society and even the world have a special influence. Chinese government’s ongoing reform of football is significant, not only conducive to FIFA 17¬†help China’s own football career development and increase the international image, the world football development can be crucial.

Hope that Cheap Fifa of sixteen Coins China supports the particular reform of FIFA, FIFA is also happy to strengthen communication and cooperation with the Chinese Football Association, to help and assist the reform and development of Chinese football.

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