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EA Sports will relieve FIFA 17 recently. It’s said that FIFA 18 has increased 10 sorts of new content at least, including defensive strategy, defensive formation, midfield control, and other unique ability. We all know in which EA has added women’s football firstly in FIFA 07. And FIFA 17 will certainly perform the motion capture for them. Buy Cheap Fifa Coins will be sold in America on September 27, on sale September 29 on this planet, landing platform for the actual PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and COMPUTER SYSTEM. Let’s learn the fresh content of FIFA 17.


PES Series and FIFA line two football games are usually always competed drastically and want to defeat each other. A number of fresh elements are added in recent times, it has more best gaming experience. Over the years, the two football games have given the other some real stiff competitors. However, by margins big as well as huge, FIFA has always emerged as the popular one. No matter what Konami performed, it could never dethrone EA. Things looked to have got changed when PES 16 got better reviews than FIFA of sixteen. However, when the sales reports started coming in, FIFA 17 still was widely used. This year FIFA 17 also added a lot new features. Today we will assess this two games.

The fact that EA is ready to invest more money than Konami is often a major reason for FIFA’s better popularity. The fact that FIFA comes with an exclusive deal with over 90% of the night clubs. This means that rather then iconic clubs like Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal etc. we have Merseyside Red, London FC and Upper London FC. As if this had not been enough, clubs like Borrusia Dortmund, VFL Wolfsburg etc. are absent altogther. This acts as a significant spoil sport for a serious population in the gaming community.

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