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Hello, our dear customers. There will be an exciting activity happen in August. We have some free Fifa Coins for sale to be able to giveaway (PS3/PS4/XBoxOne/XBox360 and the like). Following is how to acquire them.

As you know, when you buy coins inside our site, there will be a good order number for you and which is to be your lucky order if the last number of it really is 6. (It should be considered a successful order)

When you find your order number would be the lucky order, you should take a screenshot for this and show it to us through Twitter Strong Messages during June 1st to 10th. (The order is useless should you dont show it to us from the stipulated time).


Only the order tends to make during June 1st in order to June 10th is valid. It is also logical if one person have two or more lucky orders, that means if you show us two fortuitous orders, you can get increase coins.

Notice: The activity will previous 10 days from 06 1st to June 10th, but the coins will offer to the lucky guys some days latter due to the fact we need time to produce a statistical, we will contact you through Twitter following statistic and provde the coins.


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