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FIFA President from cupertino, made it clear that she is currently among the focus of military expansion would be the World Cup. In the 2026 World Cup, there will be a 40 teams in the competition, and African team will a minimum of get two qualification. From cupertino in Nigeria to go to, visit, where he watched a U13 exhibition games.

After the end in the match, all he said: “the military expansion is among my priorities, it is the Earth Cup. I hope to have more teams in the world Cup this big period, I want to have an overabundance of African countries to Fifa 17 Coins attend the event. I firmly believe that within the 2026 World Cup, World Cup will end up being expanded to 40 competitors compete. However, the general situation is placed in 2018 and 2022 Earth Cup, is still the 33 teams competing. ”

From cupertino promise, said after the Earth Cup build-up to 45 teams participating African team will “get at the least two qualification”: “in all eight fresh places, African teams will get at least two places. In fact, FIFA President in your campaign, I made such the promise. It is well known i always cannot be a dictator, I is the FIFA President elected by the public, so I must to switch views with everyone, and listen to everyone’s mindset. ”

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Finally from cupertino, said he will deliver on the promises, and will be more to buy the development of the activity: “is the most thing for FIFA 17 coins, reform, reform actually already beginning. Second, we must make more investment with the development of football. We’ve been on this increase is assigned to each member state funding, in addition I happy my promise, new FIFA secretary general isn’t a European, you know this inside FIFA’s past history can be can’t imagine. At present, the FIFA secretary general is a senegalese zamora, this is very great for Africa. ”


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