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Though you still operate the same broad set regarding controls and moves to defend in FIFA 16, its a very unique experience to last many years game. Backlines will now maintain a greater shape, with individual centre-backs not as likely to pause only to lay down a welcome mat before they sprint from position. Midfielders are also much improved within this respect, being quicker to receive behind the ball.

With AI-controlled players developing a better general appreciation regarding space, one of the best methods to keep things tight should be to pick the right player to put on pressure on the opponent carrying the ball when theres no immediate risk. Use of the basic L1/LB change player operate isnt appropriate here use right stay with select a player with greater precision.

If youre defending inside the central third of the park, a good rule of thumb is usually to track back with your closest striker; if play is focused on the edge of your neighborhood, choose a midfielder to be able to press. The point of this is to own line of players at the rear of the ball hold his or her position, making it harder to your opponent to find opportunities. This style of defending can be be extremely effective after transitions closing down from your front can provide time with the rest of your team for getting back into position.