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Barcelona King’s Cup tonite successfully defending champion, The red and blue army are the most difficult times within the last few seasons. Referee controversial penalty continued, Javier Mascherano sent away, Suarez injury leave, but at the important moment with Messi single-handedly helped Barcelona in order to the decline, two assists helped Barcelona earn the successful ascent.

As we know, Sevilla in midweek fantastic game for Fifa 17 Coins EU Cup match just overcome Liverpool, physically not as excellent as Barcelona, but Grand Ma Ying-jeou directed off, so that the Sevilla in the dominant position. Has been in a dominant position within the race, but only passively defeated Barcelona, Occupy the more possession on the ball is Seville, Since then, Suarez was injured. Barcelona in the frequent time of 90 minutes is a bad luck.

The game can certainly be a crucial moment of powerful competition. Messi retracement of the midfield to attack the participating organizations from the important moment of sport, but also in the forward team run forward. The second half once Zhengding inside the area, Messi almost knocked syncope, fell to the ground for years. Messi’s girlfriend Antonella in addition to son Tiago are nervous watching the limited flea. But after Suarez luck, Messi rattling task is usually even heavier. Although the situation incredibly nervous, but Messi still enjoyed his wonderful level requirements.

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Messi whole game earnings of pass 42 instances, ranked No. 3 in Barcelona from the frontcourt players, behind Busquets and Iniesta, and now small flea an increasing number of like Harvey of the season, often in midfielder dispatched a deadly pass. While Neymar and Suarez a family together for 36 times the amount of passes, still no more in comparison with Messi. Barcelona in the European Super Cup plus the King’s Cup victory over Andalusian team won each, Messi is the good guy of Barcelona.

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