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International Football Federation, FIFA referred, in May 21, 1904 in Paris, France established Fifa 17 Coins association has 209 customers, is a member regarding International Sports Federations. Its purpose is for you to: promote international football, the development of friendly ties between the States Football Association. Former chairman Blatter.

Recently, in an interview Argentina’s nation’s radio, Blatter broke the media that UEFA draw for transmission on the disease, when the draw for the packet to manipulate the effects by controlling the temperature of the ball. Zhefan discredit UEFA remarks in world football has also led to an pandemonium. In this regard, UEFA spokesman said is nonsense.

Blatter said that prior to ballot, some balls will go in the refrigerator. When the draw, you can feel the difference in temperature because of the ball, which is pumped to distinguish teams. Meanwhile, Blatter said he witnessed this kind of cheat, the other Presidents performed, while he never received the draw, it is clean.

But he denied ballot unique presidency, FIFA organized any cheating. Now 80-year-old Blatter furthermore interview himself and was caught in corruption scandals FIFA guarded, since illegal remuneration settled two million Swiss francs to help former UEFA president Michel Platini, Blatter is banned from all football-related activities throughout six years.

“Blatter is no data corruption. They tried to Invest in Fifa Coins find some thing from me, but they will not find any proof of a violation of Switzerland law I FIFA not corrupt, an organization does not own corruption, only people would. ” He Say.
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