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In 2014 FIFA 17 World Cup made a tiny change, on the basis from it is that the Planet Cup finals team, must take no goalkeeper standard printed name, number, if the game once it has finished the goalkeeper had been sent off after a few subs, then the outfield player on the pitch to a non permanent change to play goalie, must be put on individuals who were not printed title, number of goalkeeper go with with clothes.

In August 2014 a new champions league qualifying spherical, ludo goree, against steaua Bucharest. Slumped ludo goree, goalkeeper was sent down in overtime, and in finally the unforgettable penalty shootout, ludo, a defender of Buy Fifa 17 Coins goree coase min – modi fencing many hit, not only as a temporary goalkeeper and a pair of players shoot penalty stored Bucharest. Eventually modi help quite a few, a successful promotion involving goree, but he was in a temporary change after goalkeeper, wearing the substitute goalkeeper jacket, name and number on the shirt it doesn’t belong to him.


FIFA 17 has supplied new rules, also delete the FIFA President must personally towards the trophy awarded to the policies of the World Pot winning captain; But the new policies require the FIFA President, the host country head of state to wait the ceremony. Therefore, in the Moscow’s luzhniki stadium to the World Cup finals, FIFA President from cupertino, Russian President vladimir putin will probably be watching.


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